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Features of Bucket Hats

The bucket hat is wearable all year round. For some girls with laziness, sunglasses and hats are the secret weapons for them to go out quickly. If you don’t want to make up or too lazy to wash your hair, it doesn’t matter, just wearing a bucket hat and sunglasses to go out, you can still go shopping with friends.

The comfort and looseness of the bucket hat are one of its greatest strengths. Usually, when we are wearing a baseball cap, due to the hard brim of the front of the baseball cap, our hair often appears to be collapsed, and the forehead has a hat indentation and the hairstyle will be messed up after taking off the hat.

Besides its loose and comfortable features, the bucket hat can be easily paired with different hairstyles and it is portable. When we are not wearing it, we can easily fold it and put it in the bag, which saves more space than other hats. Especially for girls who go out to travel can prepare several different styles of bucket hats to do sun protection and decoration.

The bucket hat not only can present different styles in combination but also has a naturally-developed trapezoidal shape and a soft texture. The brim of the hat is wide and can be used to modify the face. A bucket hat with a short brim is suitable for people with long faces, while a person with a big face can choose a bucket hat with a long and wide brim.

The design of the bucket hat is usually divided into flat and dome top. The flat is shaped like a water basin, and the contour of the flat top is more stereoscopic, which can be very well decorated for the big-faced girls. The dome top bucket hat looks very round but lacks some stereo perception especially on the top of the head. It is easy to cover the top of the head. It is not suitable for girls with a fleshy face.

In addition to the top of the hat, the bucket hat is also designed differently on the brim, which can be divided into the wide and narrow brim. The wide-brim hat can cover most of the face and provide a good sun protection effect. And for the big-faced girls, they can cover the excess flesh and modify the big face. The narrow-brim bucket hat is not suitable for a girl with the big face; not only it cannot modify the face, but also exposes the big face. The girl with a small face is very suitable for this hat, the small and chic brim makes you look young and tender, with bright colours and some individual elements, and it will be eye-catching.