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Royal Wedding Hat Etiquette

Honestly, there’s nothing more exciting than a wedding. It is a day of love and celebration. Of course, things get even a bit tenser when it is a wedding which involves members of the royal family. Members of the royal family live in the limelight at most of time. The first royal wedding to be broadcast was that of Princess Margaret and photographer Anthony Armstrong Jones at Westminster Abbey in May 1960. From then on, royal weddings have become a global affair. People can see what the royal members’ wedding is like. The wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton received billions of views across a number of channels. The wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle was also broadcasted on the TV screens last year. However, as you may have noticed, the accessories at these royal weddings are very special. Almost every female guest wears a hat.    

According to royal etiquette, women must wear hats at all times for the royal wedding. The rule actually dates back to before the 1950s, when upper-class women were not allowed to show their hair in public. Because of this, they always wore hats in formal occasion, and this tradition that has stuck with the Royal Family ever since. Although they no longer have to keep their hair away from the public eye, celebrations such as royal weddings have brought the tradition back. For example, the invitations for Meghan and Prince Harry stated that all women should wear a “day dress with hat.”

The hats and fascinators that the guests wear are very large. It is not just because they want to stand out from the crowd, but because the size of the hat really matters. In royal circles, a medium-sized or wide-brimmed hat is required for each wedding ceremony. The purpose is to show off their wealth and social status.  

There are certain rules for guests wearing hats at royal weddings. One basic rule is that women should wear a hat or fascinator on the right side of their head. This means that the brim of the hat should usually be tilted to one side, or the top of the hat on one side.

While most female guests wear hats to the royal wedding, only a handful of men may wear hats as you can see in royal wedding pictures. In fact, men can wear hats if they want to, but they have to follow a few rules. In contrast to women’s hats, men’s hats must be tilted to the right and men must remove their hats when entering the wedding venue. It’s a matter of respect and etiquette. Of course, if the person is wearing a hat for religious reasons, he doesn’t have to take it off. In addition, men should take off their hats when seeing a lady as a sign of respect. 

It is the royal protocol for all royal women to wear hats on formal occasions. It’s not just for royal family members; almost all wedding outfits in the UK tend to be adorned with a chic hat or fascinator. Hats like bucket hat, fedora and top hat are popular with people.