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General Knowledge about Wearing a Hat

Wearing a hat depends on whether the individual’s style is suitable or not. For example, people who belong to the casual urban type or a fashion type are more suitable for wearing a hat. Choose the color of the hat to match the color of the clothes. The color of the hat should be chosen to be close to or contrasted with the color of the clothes. The adjacent colors can reflect harmony and the contrast color is more prominent to the overall look.

In general, it is best to choose a hat with color that is coordinated with the color of the clothes. If you don’t choose well for contrast color, it will be awkward. Or you can use other accessories to neutralize the hat’s color.

The color of the hat and scarf should be as consistent as possible. Don’t blindly pursue fashion colors, for the most important thing is to match the color of the hat with clothes’. Girls need to pay attention to the harmony of your makeup color and hat’s color. For example, if your makeup is in cool color, the hat’s color should be cool as well to enhance the overall tone. Boys can boldly choose bright colors, such as blue, yellow, and even red, so that to enhance their overall look.

If you want to highlight the hat, other accessories should follow the principle of brief. Also, you can choose to wear earrings with strong sense of design to bring out the special hat, besides you should make your hair well matched with your hat. It is recommended to look in the mirror to see the overall coordination and effect when you wear it.

The bucket hat is a versatile hat which is suitable for all seasons. With its popular styles and multi-functional designs, it is loved by the majority of people. In the summer, you can express a refreshing feeling by wearing a bucket hat with floral patterns; or you can wear a bucket hat with solid color to express the purity; or use a dark pattern to express your fashion.

Choosing a suitable bucket hat can not only give you a finishing touch, but also give you confidence and beautiful mood all day long. The choice of hat has many limitations, we should not only consider its practicality and decorativeness, but also pay attention to whether the style and color matches the personal attire, age, occupation, and whether it can well reflect and set off the grace and cultivation of the person. The choice of the hat should be selected according to the individual’s figure, facial form and personality.

Generally speaking, tall people should choose a big hat rather a small one, otherwise it will give people a sense of light head and heavy feet; a thin person should have a small hat rather than a big one, otherwise it will give a sense of top-heavy feeling to your overall look.

Anyhow, you should choose a hat that gives full play to the advantages and avoids its disadvantages.