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Protect Your Family from the Sun without Harsh Chemicals

Summer is coming, so it’s important to protect ourselves and our families from the sun. In fact, we all know that it’s important to protect our skin no matter what season it is or how much time we spend outside directly. Even if you don’t spend a day at the beach, you’ll still get sunburned or suffer skin damage as long as you go outside. Therefore, it is necessary to apply sunscreen to our skin, especially for kids. Their skin is more delicate than adult so they are easily get sunburned. Therefore, it is necessary to apply sunscreen to children. However, many traditional brands of sunscreen contain harsh chemicals, which have been linked to endocrine-disruption, and fragrances that can cause skin irritation.

Fortunately, there are other healthy ways to keep you protected from the sun. Here are some effective ways to protect the skin from the sun. Firstly, apply safe and reliable sunscreen. Traditional sunscreen contains some ingredients such as parabens, retinol, fragrances and oxybenzone. In fact, you can make a better lotion for yourself. There are some all-natural sunscreen recipes on the Internet. One popular recipe requires only five ingredients. It can be used to treat everything from burns to hemorrhoids are effective and also can protect you from the UV damage. It can be found online and in some pharmacies for a reasonable price. If you want your DIY sunscreen to smell more like a traditional lotion, just add citrus or essential oils to let it smell naturally. Add aloe to create a cool and comfortable feel.

Secondly, as the weather gets hotter, we usually tend to wear less and less clothes to regulate the heat. But this may be counterproductive. Few things protect us from harmful UV rays better than our clothes. Wearing more in the spring and summer doesn’t necessarily mean you will sweat a lot. It is better to wear lightweight, breathable, long-sleeved shirt which is made of organic cotton. Consider wearing longer shorts, such as board shorts, instead of high-cut shorts. Long skirts and long lightweight dresses can offer protection for women and also keep them cool. If you are going to the beach, consider long-sleeved swim suits and waterproof board shorts for boys and men. Women can choose to wear long-sleeved swimsuits and pair with board shorts or swim shorts to look cute and stay protected. We’ve always known that our skin can be damaged by the UV radiation, but remember that UV rays are also harmful to our eyes! Too much sun exposure can cause vision problems in children and can speed up the development of cataracts in adults. Sunglasses are vital to every member in your family. It is worth investing in prescription sunglasses or transitional lenses for spring and summer use.

Last but not least, wearing a sun hat will keep your head and face protected from UV damage. As we all know, our face and head are the two parts that are often being exposed to the sun. And the skin of the face is more delicate than other parts of body. Therefore, choose a wide brimmed sun hat to protect your skin and also add a stylish look to your outfit. A bucket hat is a casual hat and it can be worn by any one for any age.

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How to Protect Your Skin from Sun Exposure?

Too much sun exposure will do damage to your skin. The heat from the sun will cause the skin to decrease its supply of natural lubricating oils, even getting dry. In addition to being dry, the sun’s UV radiation can lead to burning and change in the structure of the skin if it is being exposed to the sun for a long-term. There are several kinds of sun damage to the skin and the treatment depends on the particular type.

When the skin is exposed to direct sunlight for long periods of time, it loses moisture and essential oils, resulting in visibly dry and flaky. This can also lead to premature aging of the skin and even wrinkles in young people. Exposure to UV rays can lead to get sunburnt, which can cause a slightly painful reddening of the skin, but in severe cases, tiny vesicles or fluid-filled bumps. Actinic keratosis is a very small bump that feels as rough as sandpaper. It can also be a small scale on the skin that appears pink, yellow, red, or brownish when it is damaged by the sun. Actinic keratosis occurs in specific areas of the skin that have been repeatedly exposed to the sun’s ultraviolet rays, but can also be caused by prolonged exposure. About 10 to 15 percent of cases later develop squamous cell skin cancers, which require immediate treatment. 

Skin and overall health differ on the sun exposure level, age, skin type, and other factors. In general, lighter skin tones are more delicate, so sun damage to these types of the skin are more serious. Dry skin is also more vulnerable because it lacks moisture.

The treatment for dry skin is as simple as using a good moisturizer that contains one or more of the following ingredients: urea, glycerin, sorbitol, lactic acid, alpha-hydroxyl acids, and pyro glutamic acid. Also, remember to wash your skin only with warm or cool water, and use unscented soap that is high in fat or glycerin. If you get sunburn and feel painful, it’s best to apply cool compresses and wet cloth to the injured area of the skin. You can also use a cool water spray to mist it. If the pain persists, over-the-counter medications such as ibuprofen or aspirin can be used to treat the pain. For large areas of sunburn with blistering, consult your doctor for stronger anti-inflammatory drugs.

Sunburn can cause permanent cosmetic problems. In addition, long-term exposure to the sun increases the risk of developing skin cancer. Therefore, the less time a person is exposed to the sun, the lesser the risk of skin cancer. It’s important to apply sunscreen all year round, not just during the summer, and when you use safe sun practices, you prevent risk. The best way to avoid sun damage is to use protection including hats, sunglasses, clothes and sunscreen if you really have to go out in the summer. A nice bucket hat can get twice the result with half the effort. It effectively blocks UV rays from reaching your skin.

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Royal Wedding Hat Etiquette

Honestly, there’s nothing more exciting than a wedding. It is a day of love and celebration. Of course, things get even a bit tenser when it is a wedding which involves members of the royal family. Members of the royal family live in the limelight at most of time. The first royal wedding to be broadcast was that of Princess Margaret and photographer Anthony Armstrong Jones at Westminster Abbey in May 1960. From then on, royal weddings have become a global affair. People can see what the royal members’ wedding is like. The wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton received billions of views across a number of channels. The wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle was also broadcasted on the TV screens last year. However, as you may have noticed, the accessories at these royal weddings are very special. Almost every female guest wears a hat.    

According to royal etiquette, women must wear hats at all times for the royal wedding. The rule actually dates back to before the 1950s, when upper-class women were not allowed to show their hair in public. Because of this, they always wore hats in formal occasion, and this tradition that has stuck with the Royal Family ever since. Although they no longer have to keep their hair away from the public eye, celebrations such as royal weddings have brought the tradition back. For example, the invitations for Meghan and Prince Harry stated that all women should wear a “day dress with hat.”

The hats and fascinators that the guests wear are very large. It is not just because they want to stand out from the crowd, but because the size of the hat really matters. In royal circles, a medium-sized or wide-brimmed hat is required for each wedding ceremony. The purpose is to show off their wealth and social status.  

There are certain rules for guests wearing hats at royal weddings. One basic rule is that women should wear a hat or fascinator on the right side of their head. This means that the brim of the hat should usually be tilted to one side, or the top of the hat on one side.

While most female guests wear hats to the royal wedding, only a handful of men may wear hats as you can see in royal wedding pictures. In fact, men can wear hats if they want to, but they have to follow a few rules. In contrast to women’s hats, men’s hats must be tilted to the right and men must remove their hats when entering the wedding venue. It’s a matter of respect and etiquette. Of course, if the person is wearing a hat for religious reasons, he doesn’t have to take it off. In addition, men should take off their hats when seeing a lady as a sign of respect. 

It is the royal protocol for all royal women to wear hats on formal occasions. It’s not just for royal family members; almost all wedding outfits in the UK tend to be adorned with a chic hat or fascinator. Hats like bucket hat, fedora and top hat are popular with people.

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Victorian Style Hats

Victorian hats and gloves were essential for both men and women. For example, the top hat was the standard accessory for upper and middle class men. For women, the style of hats changed over time and was designed to match their clothes. The styles and occasions of the hats were all related to the hierarchy, status and even political tendency of the wearer.   

Victorian women’s hats were simple and elegant. The hats can be worn on their own or decorated with ribbons, flowers, feathers and jewels. Victorian bonnets were the most common hat that was worn in the daytime during the civil war, while lace caps and headdresses were ornaments for housewives. Victorian women often wore an informal hat indoors. The headdress was known as a morning, breakfast or day cap.

Sporty hats were small toques or straw sailor hats. Their shapes and sizes changed over time. Today, the small Victorian ladies perch hats are still popular. It represents the bustle era and riding hats for the turn of the century.

The most iconic hat of a Victorian gentleman was the formal top hat. The height and shape of hats changed over time. In the late Victorian period, the top hat changed from a tall and narrow shape to a short and curved straw top hat. Bowler hats were other kind of common hat for gentlemen.

People in the countryside preferred the wide-brimmed planter’s hat in Gone with the Wind. Straw boater hats or sailor hats were summer classic hats. Later in the Victorian era, fedoras had appeared and became a stylish city hat worn by young people. These hats all came in many colors, such as black, brown, gray or taupe. Hats made of felt can be worn in cool weather and woven straw for wearing in summer.

Casual hats like the golf cap (also known as the newsboy cap) were bold, baggy with eight panels around the hat. Yacht-style hats or bucket hats and railroad conductor caps were other working-class hats. Upper-class people wore the fez or smoking cap at home.

The hats and bonnets of the Romantic Era were ornate creations, full of ruffles and frills, exotic feathers, vivid flowers, and colorful ribbons around the hats. The elaborate hairstyle was topped by these wide-brimmed hats, while the face was framed by the frills of a white frilly hat.

In the 19th century, women wore sun hats when gardening to protect their skin and eyes from the sun. The stunning 19th century sunbonnet featured a flat-plaited straw brim with ruffle framing the face. The hat was lined with lightweight organdy fabric. The same fabric is used to form a very complete poof to the back.

In the fashion world, there has never been a more sophisticated or dominating hat than the top hat. From 1850 to 1900, gentlemen wore top hats for business, entertainment and formal occasions. Usually, hats in gray for daytime, black for day or night. The top hat made the wearers look taller, handsomer and more exquisite. Even in the 1960s, men still wore hats for every outdoor excursion as women did.   

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Men’s Hat Etiquette Guidelines

A stylish gentleman would have a lot of hats for different occasions and different use. Like all retro things, hats are one of the classic accessories, which has been popular among people. Men’s hats come in a variety of styles and designs, such as fedoras, BUCKET HAT, beanies and so on. Men should be aware of the rules for wearing a hat. Here are some hat rules that help you wear a hat correctly.

The most basic rule is to wear your hat when you are in outdoors and take it off indoors. Wear a hat in public but take it off in private spaces. Simply put, private space is where people live, work or pay a fee to enter. Other places are generally considered public, such as shopping malls, tourist attractions, etc. Places of worship are often considered to be the private spaces, while some religious traditions do have specific rules about men’s and women’s headwear. If you’re going to a place of worship and don’t know the rules about wearing hats, you’d better ask someone in the know. Hats can also be removed at certain times for prayer, singing hymns or other activities.

Why take off your hat in private? The answer is that removing the hat is a sign of respect, which dates back thousands of years. It is often used to express acknowledgment intrusion or to show gratitude to others. In other words, this is what a gentleman should do. The tradition of taking your hat off comes from bowing to show respect. This practice has been common across different cultures for centuries. Bowing was still common when hats became the dominant fashion accessory for men. When a man bent down to bow, he had to remove the hat so it doesn’t fall to the floor. Bowing became less necessary in the 19th century, while taking off hats to someone reached its peak by the 20th century. In the 21st century, even that seems a little old-fashioned. If you are a regular hat wearer and feel comfortable wearing a hat, you can also take your hat off to people regardless of gender these days.

A gentleman should take off his hat when entering a building, including a restaurant, home, classroom, theatre and church. In addition to public places, such as streets, lobbies, corridors, elevators in public buildings, hats should be removed indoors. In public buildings, such as elevators, men can leave their hats on. A gentleman should take off his hat and hold it in his hand when a lady enters the elevator. Men also take off their hats when playing the National Anthem. Women are allowed to leave their hat on during the playing of the National Anthem indoors, unless it is unisex hat like a baseball cap. When wearing this unisex hat, women should follow the same etiquette as men.

Taking off one’s hat is a traditional polite gesture. This kind of taking off hat to show respect has the same origin as military salute, which came from the raising medieval knight to show friendship to others.

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General Knowledge about Wearing a Hat

Wearing a hat depends on whether the individual’s style is suitable or not. For example, people who belong to the casual urban type or a fashion type are more suitable for wearing a hat. Choose the color of the hat to match the color of the clothes. The color of the hat should be chosen to be close to or contrasted with the color of the clothes. The adjacent colors can reflect harmony and the contrast color is more prominent to the overall look.

In general, it is best to choose a hat with color that is coordinated with the color of the clothes. If you don’t choose well for contrast color, it will be awkward. Or you can use other accessories to neutralize the hat’s color.

The color of the hat and scarf should be as consistent as possible. Don’t blindly pursue fashion colors, for the most important thing is to match the color of the hat with clothes’. Girls need to pay attention to the harmony of your makeup color and hat’s color. For example, if your makeup is in cool color, the hat’s color should be cool as well to enhance the overall tone. Boys can boldly choose bright colors, such as blue, yellow, and even red, so that to enhance their overall look.

If you want to highlight the hat, other accessories should follow the principle of brief. Also, you can choose to wear earrings with strong sense of design to bring out the special hat, besides you should make your hair well matched with your hat. It is recommended to look in the mirror to see the overall coordination and effect when you wear it.

The bucket hat is a versatile hat which is suitable for all seasons. With its popular styles and multi-functional designs, it is loved by the majority of people. In the summer, you can express a refreshing feeling by wearing a bucket hat with floral patterns; or you can wear a bucket hat with solid color to express the purity; or use a dark pattern to express your fashion.

Choosing a suitable bucket hat can not only give you a finishing touch, but also give you confidence and beautiful mood all day long. The choice of hat has many limitations, we should not only consider its practicality and decorativeness, but also pay attention to whether the style and color matches the personal attire, age, occupation, and whether it can well reflect and set off the grace and cultivation of the person. The choice of the hat should be selected according to the individual’s figure, facial form and personality.

Generally speaking, tall people should choose a big hat rather a small one, otherwise it will give people a sense of light head and heavy feet; a thin person should have a small hat rather than a big one, otherwise it will give a sense of top-heavy feeling to your overall look.

Anyhow, you should choose a hat that gives full play to the advantages and avoids its disadvantages.

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Bucket Hats with Printed Letters

Since the bucket hat has been developed for several years, its form has become more diverse, which means that the styles available for people to choose have increased. The rising of the bucket hat has only been a few years, but now it has become a fashionable item among hipsters, stars, and the general public. Its styles range from the only one style to several styles at present, we can usually see the printed pattern style, the pure-coloured style, and the letter-printed style. These three have their own characteristics, if the print is a symbol of passion, the pure colour is a symbol of austerity, and the letter pattern is a symbol of the individuality.

If you let me choose, I will choose the letter pattern, as it is not as monotonous as the pure colour, the letter pattern on the hat is very nicely dotted with the bucket hat, and it is not as fancy as a printed pattern. The design community advocates the use of the simplest forms of art to express rich concepts. Many brands print their own logos on products to promote their products. Some are very casual letter design and have no profound implication, just plays a decorative role, and some print the letter pattern that according to the customer’s needs.

The pure-coloured bucket hat is best designed with letters. The appearance of letter elements breaks the monotony of the bucket hat. Putting some interesting letter patterns on the hats which give everyone individuality and the unique space to make it easy to release ego.

The feeling of black is usually melancholy and dull, but many people like this colour combination. They think that black collocation can be distinguished from others, and it will show their personalities. Their own personality is outgoing, so black clothing does not appear dull but highlights their personalities. The letters on the black bucket hat should be white or red, which can be distinguished from black so that the letter patterns can be clearly seen. Some are obsessed in black and white, are often like to wear letter-printed style clothing. They think too fancy decoration usually supersedes what really counts. They tend to choose the letter-printed design of bucket hats. This design is simple and full of individuality, just to meet their needs for fashion. What’s more, they can ask the merchant to print the texts they want on the hat, to make it funny. The black bucket hat and black clothes are united in overall colour, and the white and red letter pattern design looks very stylish and very personalized.

Khaki is the most popular colour all year round. Most people like this colour from all ages. It gives people a feeling of calmness, connotative and low-profile. The khaki bucket hat looks saturated and has a good texture. The letter pattern on the front of the hat adds a different feeling to the whole hat. Since the khaki is also a light colour, its letter pattern can use the same colour. The overall matching, the khaki bucket hat, and the army green jacket are very harmonious. It is a perfect combination.

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Bucket Hats for Beach Dresses

In hot summer, the weather is particularly hot and the temperature keeps rising. It is easy for people to be impatient and have bad emotions. At this time, people eat iced watermelon to relieve summer-heat and alleviate this bad mood in the air-conditioned room. While after sitting in the air-conditioned room for a long time, it is easy to get some air-condition disease. Once stop blowing air conditioner, we will feel hot immediately, so some people choose to go to the beach to take a holiday and relax. The breeze on the seashore, the endlessness of the sea, and the cool waters make people feel refreshed.

Speaking of the beach, people will immediately think of the sun, the beach, the bikini. Does it sound very good? But when you go to the beach for a holiday, what do you want to wear to make you look beautiful. We will inevitably take a lot of pictures for vacations. If you want to leave better photo-souvenirs, what do we wear to do that? Going to the beach for a holiday, you must do a good job of sun protection. In addition to wearing sunglasses and applying sunscreen, you also need a sunhat. Here is a popular hat: womens bucket hat.

It’s best to wear colourful clothes when you’re on vacation by the sea. Usually, few people are suitable for these colourful clothes. But when you go to the beach for vacation, you don’t have to worry about it. This printed shirt is well-matched with this beige bucket hat. The curling knit bucket hat is easy for you to fold and store at any time. The hollow design adds breathability, so you won’t feel very hot even if you wear a hat for a long time. The design of the brim of the hat increases the radian of the hat and cannot collapse easily. The top of the hat is round, it fits well on your head, and it won’t be loose. It is really suitable for wearing the breathable bucket hat on the beach. Girls wear that hat will show an elegant temperament and personality. You can match colourful clothes or some pure-coloured clothes. In short, this bucket hat looks good no matter what clothes you wear.

Think of how comfortable and cosy it is to ride your bike by the beach, facing the sea breeze, listening to the waves, and watching the waves to hit the sand. Then dress up to take good-looking photos. In addition to makeup, girls also need to wear beautiful clothes. This denim blue bucket hat is perfectly catering to this seascape, with blue seawater and blue sky. The picture is incomparably harmonious. A chiffon shirt is particularly cool in this burning hot summer. This denim blue bucket hat is also the hollow design, but its biggest highlight is that the hat has layered rough selvedge, people who wear it will present distinct personalities. The dress just likes a fairy.

How can we go to the seaside without the Bohemian dress? Generally, people who wear this kind of skirt will become gentle, and this skirt is fully-matched with the atmosphere of the seaside holiday. Put on a blue bucket hat with a wide brim, the natural lingering charm and romantic aura of Bohemian style are greatly appearing. An exotic atmosphere showed. The wide brim of the hat can cover your face, and the natural radian gives a person a kind of recreational and nostalgic feelings.

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Features of Bucket Hats

The bucket hat is wearable all year round. For some girls with laziness, sunglasses and hats are the secret weapons for them to go out quickly. If you don’t want to make up or too lazy to wash your hair, it doesn’t matter, just wearing a bucket hat and sunglasses to go out, you can still go shopping with friends.

The comfort and looseness of the bucket hat are one of its greatest strengths. Usually, when we are wearing a baseball cap, due to the hard brim of the front of the baseball cap, our hair often appears to be collapsed, and the forehead has a hat indentation and the hairstyle will be messed up after taking off the hat.

Besides its loose and comfortable features, the bucket hat can be easily paired with different hairstyles and it is portable. When we are not wearing it, we can easily fold it and put it in the bag, which saves more space than other hats. Especially for girls who go out to travel can prepare several different styles of bucket hats to do sun protection and decoration.

The bucket hat not only can present different styles in combination but also has a naturally-developed trapezoidal shape and a soft texture. The brim of the hat is wide and can be used to modify the face. A bucket hat with a short brim is suitable for people with long faces, while a person with a big face can choose a bucket hat with a long and wide brim.

The design of the bucket hat is usually divided into flat and dome top. The flat is shaped like a water basin, and the contour of the flat top is more stereoscopic, which can be very well decorated for the big-faced girls. The dome top bucket hat looks very round but lacks some stereo perception especially on the top of the head. It is easy to cover the top of the head. It is not suitable for girls with a fleshy face.

In addition to the top of the hat, the bucket hat is also designed differently on the brim, which can be divided into the wide and narrow brim. The wide-brim hat can cover most of the face and provide a good sun protection effect. And for the big-faced girls, they can cover the excess flesh and modify the big face. The narrow-brim bucket hat is not suitable for a girl with the big face; not only it cannot modify the face, but also exposes the big face. The girl with a small face is very suitable for this hat, the small and chic brim makes you look young and tender, with bright colours and some individual elements, and it will be eye-catching.